Equipment Financing

Learn About Our Equipment Leasing and Financing Programs

Sometimes businesses need large or expensive equipment for only a short period of time, such as for new construction or moving large amounts of inventory to a second location. Other times, companies are looking to purchase equipment but do not have the means to buy something outright. The equipment leasing specialists at Cross Commercial Capital can help you with both of these scenarios.

Our Criteria

For established businesses, we are happy to provide competitive interest rates and extended terms of repayment. In addition, we are happy to offer:

  • Zero requirements for a financial statement for applications requesting $150,000 or less
  • A variety of payment structures to fit your needs
  • Down payments with zero or minimal cost to you

If these criteria interest you, our equipment financing or leasing program may be right for your business.

Startup Programs

We provide startup programs to new businesses, generally defined as those that are less than two years of age. New businesses often have the most trouble acquiring the financing they need to purchase new equipment, while at the same time having the greatest need for this equipment to establish a name for themselves.

Sale & Lease Back Programs

Cross Commercial Capital will buy equipment that you need, and then lease it back to you. Once you have completed the payments due on your lease, the equipment is yours to own.

Municipal Leasing Programs

We participate in municipal and government leasing programs. Through these programs, we are thrilled to offer financing options to entities such as:

  • Public libraries
  • Branches of the armed services
  • Police and fire departments
  • Public schools

Cross Commercial Capital is happy to be able to give back to those who serve our communities.

Why Lease?

Reasons to lease equipment through Cross Commercial Capital include:

  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Tax advantages
  • The ability to leave cash available for other purposes

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