Franchise Financing

Are All of Your Franchise Financing Needs Covered?

One of the most important decisions new franchisees make is choosing what to finance and what to pay for out of pocket. Many franchisees think they need to use their available capital for purchases. In reality, you can generally meet franchise financing requirements using a low-interest, long-term loan that covers your needs. At Cross Commercial Capital, we have significant experience assisting franchisees in getting started.

Why Choose Franchise Financing?

Instead of using up the liquid capital, you have available in savings, it’s wise to get financing for your franchise’s needs:

  • More working capital:By reserving the funds you have in savings, you have a source of working capital for future needs. The more money you have on hand during the first three to six months of business, the more stability your location has for getting a good start.
  • Less stress on securing your new location:Running out of working capital can leave you feeling stressed. When you have sufficient healthcare financing, you can take care of everything from payroll to advertising costs without worrying.
  • Greater flexibility for making decisions:Working capital gives you the power to make the choices you want to make. You don’t feel pressured to do things because you’re short on funds.

Franchise financing from Cross Commercial Capital includes:

Low rates starting at 6%

  • Terms that range up to 25 years
  • No predatory pre-payment penalties
  • Cash for working capital needs
  • Loan to value (LTV) up to 90%

Get franchise financing that offers low interest rates and comfortable repayment terms. Contact us today to learn more. We’re happy to assist you.