Merchant Cash Advance

Get Fast Cash With a Merchant Cash Advance

Working capital is essential to growing your business, but traditional loans don’t work for every company. Fortunately, [company name] has a solution. If you rely on credit card sales to turn a profit, you can utilize a merchant cash advance.

Use the Funds However You Like

Merchant cash advances are incredibly flexible so that you can spend the funds where they’re needed most:

  • Buying inventory
  • Launching a marketing campaign
  • Expanding your workforce
  • Purchasing new property
  • Renovating your current location

Skip Traditional Loans

A cash advance lets you borrow against your future credit card sales. Then, a portion of your profits goes toward repaying the loan. Traditional loans have monthly payments and may require collateral, but a merchant cash advance offers cash without taking these risks.

Get Fast Cash

A cash advance offers immense benefits, especially if you want fast cash:

  • Funds in less than a week
  • Amounts as high as $200,000 per location
  • Credit cards of any type accepted

Additionally, there’s very little paperwork since we’re more interested in your sales than credit history.

Talk To Our Financial Experts

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